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an engrossing and imaginative work of fiction with plenty of apocalyptic delights, vivid battles, and tense dramatic moments to offer its readers.

Overall, I would highly recommend Rivers Run Red to fans of immersive fantasy worldbuilding, three-dimensional and in-depth character work, and for dark and dangerous adventure readers everywhere.

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BETA READERS – I have a few spots open for Darkness Resides Book 3 of The Morhudrim Cycle. If you BETA read or are interested in becoming one then please contact me via the contacts page and let me know. To qualify you will need to have read Books 1 and 2.

I will send information on what is required as a BETA reader but as a heads up you get no money, no popcorn, no fizzy drinks. You will get a first look at an amazing book and help to make it better and be immortalised in the acknowledgements which you can show your parents and children and say look – I participated. That is all kinds of cool! You will also get a signed paperback edition of Darkness Resides

Book 3 update – Darkness Resides – it’s coming – it’s coming. Okay no, I haven’t finished it yet but I am near the back end somewhere…..around there. Then there is the small matter of the review and edit stages, my editor having a good old hack and my beta’s having their tuppence worth. It’s imminent I tell you! Oh yeah, book cover design…map updates and work have called. They want me to do some!

Book Review – The Plainswalker by M A Rothman. Another LitRPG novel reviewed. It was not for me I am sorry to say. If my lack of enthusiasm doesn’t sway you then click on the link and read my full review.

Book Review – He Who Fights With Monsters by Shirtaloon. A LitRPG Novel book one. A fantastic fantasy adventure and a rollercoaster ride I could barely stop reading. Check out my review by clicking the blue link.

Book Review – The Condom and Other Stories by Peter Chika – a collection of short stories from an African perspective. An engaging and fascinating read.

Readers’ Favourite have reviewed my book and given it a resounding 5 star’s (across all categories in the critique as well). Since I don’t pay for reviews it had sat on their shelves so long I had given up on it ever being picked for review (I still think they are a mostly pay for review site). Anyway, they did, back in June only I never noticed and they never emailed to tell me so it has just sat there like a prehistoric fossil awaiting to be unearthed (to much?) and now that it has I couldn’t be happier with it. Check it out here or click the badge above.

Website Update – I have added a Book Reviews page under my Blogs menu where you can easily reference all the books I have reviewed both Indie, published and classics. I have also updated my maps page and updated a couple of the maps. They should display in better resolutions now as well.

My article on Books One and Two of the Morhudrim Cycle have been featured on Readers Magnets’ Author’s Lounge. https://www.readersmagnet.club/the-morhudrim-cycle-a-fantasy-series-by-a-d-green/

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