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an engrossing and imaginative work of fiction with plenty of apocalyptic delights, vivid battles, and tense dramatic moments to offer its readers.

Overall, I would highly recommend Rivers Run Red to fans of immersive fantasy worldbuilding, three-dimensional and in-depth character work, and for dark and dangerous adventure readers everywhere.

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Book 3 update – Darkness Resides – it’s coming – it’s coming. Okay no, I haven’t finished it yet but I am near the back end somewhere…..around there. Then there is the small matter of the review and edit stages, my editor having a good old hack and my beta’s having their tuppence worth. It’s imminent I tell you! Oh yeah, book cover design…map updates and work have called. They want me to do some!

My current read is Branches by Adam Peter Johnson – it is the @IndieBookClub selection for this month. Review coming soon.

Book ReviewPieces of Eight (The Guardian of Empire City) by Peter Hartog. A future-world detective story with a bit of magic about it. An Excellent 5 star review. Check it out. Follow the blue link!

Book Review – Dangerous To Know by K.T. Davies A Half-breed, a curse, a prophecy and much skullduggery. A grimdark fantasy that is a fun read from start to finish. Click on the book title to read my review. If you like my reviews why not subscribe below and get them emailed to you directly, you will also receive an occasional newsletter with book offers and deals as well as a bit of fun facts and updates from yours truly.

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Website Update – I have added a Book Reviews page under my Blogs menu where you can easily reference all the books I have reviewed both Indie, published and classics. I have also updated my maps page and updated a couple of the maps. They should display in better resolutions now as well.

My article on Books One and Two of the Morhudrim Cycle have been featured on Readers Magnets’ Author’s Lounge. https://www.readersmagnet.club/the-morhudrim-cycle-a-fantasy-series-by-a-d-green/

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