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All ratings are out of 5 – I generally never review lower than 3 because if a book is lower than 3 then I did not finish it (life is too short to read a book I do not enjoy. Consequently I do not review although I may still leave a rating). Reviews are posted on Goodreads and Amazon.

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Review categories below are Fantasy, Science Fiction and All Other Genres.


Assassin: Dark Blade Book 1 by Andy Peloquin

(4.5/5) (Adult) Epic dark fantasy with the emphasis on the dark.

Blood of a Fallen God by Joshua C Cook

(3/5) (Adult, YA) An epic YA fantasy that didn’t quite hit the mark

The First Rule: The Blind Age – Book One by Steven William Hannah

(5/5) (Adult, YA) One of the most enjoyable and thrilling dark fantasy stories I have ever read. EDIT – *The Most! Dare I jinx it? Yeah I dare – an early contender for 2023 book of the year!

The Song of the First Blade: The Bladeborn Saga by T. C. Edge

(5/5) (Adult) Epic Fantasy wonderfully told. A new favourite author to add to my list and he is right up there with some of the best and he’s an Indie! Awesome, if you like fantasy just get it. My 2022 book of the year choice is going to be so tough.

Dungeon Lord – A LitRPG Books 1 -3 by Hugo Huesca

(5/5) (Adult) Okay I’m on a roll with LitRPG but I will be moving back to more traditional fantasy next. But… what a book to finish on. A really fun read bringing back my Dungeon Keeper vibe!

Primal Hunter by Zogarth

(3.5/5)(Adult) Yet another LitRPG book reviewed. My recent gluttony consuming this sub-genre of fantasy has about run its course and I need to take a break from it. There is lots to like in this offering but it didn’t quite cut it for me.

The Plainswalker by M A Rothman

(3/5) (Adult) A LitRPG Novel that feel short of the mark for me. The writing’s okay. The premise is okay. The delivery two dimensional, mass-produced pulp (to me). It has been well rated and reviewed so hey, maybe I’m missing something (I’m not. I’m being rhetorical).

He Who Fights with Monsters Book One by Shirtaloon

(5/5) (YA, Adult) A LitRPG Novel. A decadent and supremely enjoyable read and it all starts with a naked Aussie in a hedge maze. What’s not to love!

Fire’s Heart (book 3 of The FireNight Prophecies) by Darren Boeck

(4.5/5) (YA) Book Three. An Engrossing young adult fantasy.

Nature’s Wrath (A Prelude of Light Book 2) by Morten W Simonsen

(4.5/5 Rating) (Adult) Book Two. If you like your fantasy dirty, gritty and realistic then I recommend this series. Book One is reviewed below and Book Two is even better.

Reviewed 27th February 2022

Dangerous To Know by K. T. Davies

(5/5 Rating) (Adult) Half-human, half-lizard, Breed is chased by a dragon, hunted by assassins, and bound to serve a demon. A First-person POV Grimdark tale.

Reviewed 3rd January 2022

The Curse of the Mistwraith (Wars of Light and Shadow, #1) by Janny Wurts

(5/5 Rating) (Adult) This is a special guest review by fellow author P.L. Stuart. It is an in-depth look at a master craftswoman’s work.

Reviewed on 24th December 2021

Path of Ruin: An Epic Fantasy Adventure by Tim Paulson

(3.5 Rating) (YA and Adult) Interesting mix of Fantasy, adventure and Technology.

Reviewed 30th November 2021.

Myths, Legends, & Dreams A Worldsmyths Anthology

(3 Rating) (Adult) Anthology of Fantasy, Dystopia and Fairytales. Some new authors to discover.

Reviewed 7th November 2021

Witchmarked (World’s First Wizard #1) by Aaron D. Schneider and Michael Anderle

(4) (Adult) An alternate history, beautifully dark fantasy.

Reviewed 8th October 2021

Bloodless Assassin (The Viper and the Urchin #1) by Celine Jeanjean

(4.5) (YA and Adult) Great fun, great characters tied in a steampunk bow.

Reviewed 22 September 2021

The Written by Ben Galley

(4.5) (YA and Adult) Fast-paced, high-octane, unrelenting high fantasy.

Reviewed 5 September 2021

Ranger of Kings by C.J.R Isely

(5) (YA and MG) A fun filled medieval fantasy adventure for the younger reader although it may be enjoyed by all.

Reviewed 20 August 2021

Oathbound – Surgecaller Book One by Todd Herzman

(4) (YA) A fast-paced fantasy with an interesting magic system.

Reviewed on 4 August 2021

Tales of Soloman Pace: The Storm Series by Alan Scott

(4.5) A deliciously dark fantasy tale. I listened to the audio version.

Reviewed on 7th July 2021

The Lost War: Eidyn Book One by Justin Lee Anderson

(4) A Compelling, fun and clever fantasy.

Reviewed on 8 May 2021

We Ride The Storm by Devin Madson

(5) Wonderfully evocative, beautifully written.

Reviewed 26 March 2021

Talented Found by PW Browning

(3) (YA and MG) High Sea fantasy.

Reviewed 6 January 2021

The Jealousy of Jalice by Jesse Nolan Bailey

(4) Grimdark fantasy.

Reviewed 8 November 2020

Voice of War by Zack Argyle

(4) High Fantasy with intriguing magic system.

Reviewed 14 October 2020

Fire Within by Morten W Simonsen

(4) Realistically written, gritty, grim fantasy.

Reviewed 3 October 2020

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