‘Fire’s Heart’ book three of The FireNight Prophecies by Darren Boeck

4.5/5 Stars – An Engrossing YA Fantasy Read

This book follows on from ‘Gifts of Fire and Ice’ and ‘Essence of Life’. I will not give any synopsis since I do not want to give any spoilers to those that have not yet read the first 2 books. Being a YA fantasy book I have reviewed it as such. It is not difficult for me to assume my 13-year-old self. I only have to think back to David Eddings and the books I was reading in those days to achieve that state.

The story, as you might have guessed, continues from where book two left off and the characters and narrative quickly flow and propel the reader on. The writing style is now familiar, in particular the way the characters speak and interact. We learn a lot more in this story about the different factions, religions and world-building, which in general, is starting to feel fully fleshed out. There are multiple cultures with different belief systems and world views but which are all inter-connected in some way. It’s pretty good I have to say.

There are some great characters in this series and in this book they continue to grow and develop, their relationships changing, getting deeper and stronger as they learn to rely on one another. The two sides, good and evil are ever-increasingly defined and you know the players on both sides. I have to say, it looks grim for our heroes at times, the action fierce but there is hope. Like all good tales, the path to victory looks treacherous and narrow but you know…those crazy kids might just do it. I will have to read the fourth and final book to find out.

If you like YA fantasy with a cool magic system, multiple cultures clashing and that is that bit different from the ilk then you should give this series a try.

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