A D Green’s Fantasy Newsletter February 2023

Hello everyone, Well, here we are, Feb 2023 already and the holiday season is a memory for us all, hopefully, a happy one.  2023 has not had the most auspicious of starts; the war in Ukraine is still raging and the terrible earthquakes in Turkey and Syria bringing such devastation and for many of usContinue reading “A D Green’s Fantasy Newsletter February 2023”

The First Rule: The Blind Age – Book One by Steven William Hannah

5/5 Stars – One of the most enjoyable and thrilling dark fantasy stories I have ever read. EDIT – *The Most! Wow – where to start? I mean I had no expectations. Just a hope really that this book by Indie author Steven William Hannah (SWH) would at least be fun. The premise of theContinue reading “The First Rule: The Blind Age – Book One by Steven William Hannah”

Pax Machina (Mechhaven Book 1) by Greg Sorber

3.5/ 5 Stars (YA & MG) Mechs and Humans abound in this Sci-Fi adventure I found this a light read and at its heart quite fun. Whilst it can be enjoyed by all readers I felt it was more suited to an MG or YA audience, at least my fourteen-year-old self would have enjoyed itContinue reading “Pax Machina (Mechhaven Book 1) by Greg Sorber”

The Song of the First Blade: The Bladeborn Saga, Book One by T.C. Edge

5/5 Stars – A brilliantly crafted fantasy and a new favourite I absolutely loved this epic fantasy from T.C. Edge. I read a lot of books from this genre and think, for me, this first volume was every bit as good and grand in scope and storytelling as Brent Weeks’ Night Angel, Miles Cameron’s RedContinue reading “The Song of the First Blade: The Bladeborn Saga, Book One by T.C. Edge”

Daisy’s Run: The Clockwork Chimera Book 1 by Scott Baron

4/5 Stars – Hints of Alien but without the Alien, then with the Alien…ah read on. Ready for a SciFi read I picked up this number. The cover looked quirky and interesting and together with the blurb promised to be a light SciFi experience – nothing too technically onerous to wrap my head around. IContinue reading “Daisy’s Run: The Clockwork Chimera Book 1 by Scott Baron”

Dungeon Lord Books 1 – 3 : A LitRPG by Hugo Huesca

5/5 Stars – A 3 for 1 review. If you played Dungeon Keeper as a kid you should love these books. My experience with LitRPG has been somewhat hit-and-miss recently. However, following my review a little while ago of Shirtaloons, He Who Fights with Monsters (which I unashamedly enjoyed and found surprising depth and nuanceContinue reading Dungeon Lord Books 1 – 3 : A LitRPG by Hugo Huesca

And Then We Vanish by D H Schleicher

3.5/5 Stars – Short story collection from a talented writer. For someone who does not care much for short story collections, I have read three in the past year courtesy of the #indiebookclub book of the month selection. I have to say I have enjoyed them with mixed results and this offering by D HContinue reading “And Then We Vanish by D H Schleicher”