The Lost War: Eidyn Book One by Justin lee Anderson

4/5 stars – A compelling, fun and clever fantasy I picked this book up before I knew it was the winner of the SPFBO6 and I can see now why it won. It was very well written. The characters all unique, distinctive and the dialogue and interactions between them brilliant. The story was action-packed fromContinue reading “The Lost War: Eidyn Book One by Justin lee Anderson”

‘We Ride The Storm’ by Devin Madson

5 stars Wonderfully evocative, brutally visceral fantasy. It is not often I pick up a book that so enraptures me it is hard to put it down. Devin Madson, I salute you. What a beautiful written expertly told fantasy. I loved every page and lived every moment. What a ride. Action-packed but so emotionally chargedContinue reading “‘We Ride The Storm’ by Devin Madson”

The Eros Project by Helen E Slater

3 Stars Scifi/Techno Romance Thriller   This book was the #indiebookclub read for March. I love Science Fiction and Fantasy and the premise of this book was intriguing enough that I looked forward to it. Unfortunately, it did not quite match my expectations and the storytelling was not to my taste. I felt the authorContinue reading “The Eros Project by Helen E Slater”

TARO: Legendary Boy Hero of Japan by Blue Spruell

4/5 STARS – Folk Tale of Feudal Japan I bought this on Amazon after taking a ‘look inside’ and was immediately drawn to the story which begins with a seven-year-old Takeda Taro. I must confess that whilst I have not read many books set in feudal Japan I have an unsated interest in this genreContinue reading “TARO: Legendary Boy Hero of Japan by Blue Spruell”

The Many-Coloured Land by Julian May

5/5 A blended sci-fi fantasy from a master storyteller I first read the Many-Coloured land when I was eighteen and whilst the detail of it had faded and the language and more technical aspects were heavy going for my young self, the memory of the story remained. My son gave me a copy for ChristmasContinue reading “The Many-Coloured Land by Julian May”

Escape Reality by Kayla Frost

A Gloriously dark Sci-fi read 5/5 I picked this up on a free/discounted promotion after the ‘Look Inside’ intrigued. It’s quite a dark sci-fi that set’s it stall out early doors. It is not for the squeamish. It is full throttle, non-stop action. There are no heroes, the characters are flawed and villainous none moreContinue reading “Escape Reality by Kayla Frost”