The Written Book One of the Emaneska Series by Ben Galley

4.5/5 Stars Fast-Paced, High-Octane, Unrelenting High Fantasy I have been eying this book for a while, drawn by the amazing cover art and intrigued by the description. It has been out for a while (released in 2011) and looks to have gone through several editorial sweeps since then. This is high-fantasy and the story capturesContinue reading “The Written Book One of the Emaneska Series by Ben Galley”

Readers’ Favorite announces the review of the Fantasy Epic “Rivers Run Red” by A D Green

Rivers Run Red is a work of fiction in the dark fantasy and epic adventure subgenres and was penned by author A D Green. The work is intended for the general adult reading audience and contains some use of explicit language throughout and scenes of graphic violence. Kicking off The Morhudrim Cycle series with thisContinue reading “Readers’ Favorite announces the review of the Fantasy Epic “Rivers Run Red” by A D Green”

Ranger of Kings (William of Alamore Series Book 1) by C.J.R. Isely

5/5 A Fun filled Medieval Fantasy Adventure This book was on my review list and is a MG/YA Fantasy and it is reviewed as such. Firstly, what twelve-year-old boy wouldn’t love this fantasy adventure. It has swords and squires, knights on mighty chargers, evil kings and devilish machinations. I confess I am a little olderContinue reading “Ranger of Kings (William of Alamore Series Book 1) by C.J.R. Isely”

Oathbound – Surgecaller Book One by Todd Herzman

4/5 Stars – Fast Paced Fantasy I enjoyed this book. It was fast-paced and told from a single narrative making it easy to follow. Huon our protagonist is likeable enough and starts life as a fairly 2-dimensional character, which is not meant as a slur because he kind of is to start with – HeContinue reading “Oathbound – Surgecaller Book One by Todd Herzman”

Bloodlines (The Guardian Of Empire City) by Peter Hartog

5 Stars – Fantastic Future World Detective Story Sometimes you stumble upon gold and with Peter Hartog’s debut novel I did just that. That he is an Indie author makes it even more impressive. It is very accomplished, the characters distinctive, the dialogue sharp and punchy, the story a breakneck ride.It is set in aContinue reading “Bloodlines (The Guardian Of Empire City) by Peter Hartog”

Tales of Soloman Pace: The Storm Series by Alan Scott

4.5/5 A Deliciously Dark Fantasy Disclaimer: I was given a free audio code by the author. He did not ask me for a review but I will be providing an honest one. This is my first audiobook so I was keen to try it out and see what all the fuss is about. It tookContinue reading “Tales of Soloman Pace: The Storm Series by Alan Scott”

The Lost War: Eidyn Book One by Justin lee Anderson

4/5 stars – A compelling, fun and clever fantasy I picked this book up before I knew it was the winner of the SPFBO6 and I can see now why it won. It was very well written. The characters all unique, distinctive and the dialogue and interactions between them brilliant. The story was action-packed fromContinue reading “The Lost War: Eidyn Book One by Justin lee Anderson”

‘We Ride The Storm’ by Devin Madson

5 stars Wonderfully evocative, brutally visceral fantasy. It is not often I pick up a book that so enraptures me it is hard to put it down. Devin Madson, I salute you. What a beautiful written expertly told fantasy. I loved every page and lived every moment. What a ride. Action-packed but so emotionally chargedContinue reading “‘We Ride The Storm’ by Devin Madson”