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All ratings are out of 5 – I generally never review lower than 3 because if a book is lower than 3 then I did not finish it (life is too short to read a book I do not enjoy. Consequently I do not review although I may still leave a rating). Reviews are posted on Goodreads and Amazon.

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Review categories are Fantasy, Science Fiction and All Other Genres.

Science Fiction and Dystopian

The Bounty Hunter (Cade Korbin Chronicles Book 1) by Jasper T. Scott

(4/5 YA, Adult) A Fast and Furious sci-fi action adventure

Pax Machina (Mechhaven Book 1) by Greg Sorber

(3.5/5 MG, YA) Mechs and Humans abound in this Sci-Fi adventure.

Reviewed 24th January 2023

Daisy’s Run: The Cloclwork Chimera Book 1 by Scott Baron

(4/5 YA, Adult) Hints of Alien but without the alien, then with the alien…ah read on.

Reviewed 24th October 2022

Teslanauts by Mathew Donald

(4/5 MG) (3/5 otherwise) Fast-Paced, Alternate History with a Steam Punk Vibe

Reviewed 31st August 2022

Terminus Fringe Worlds #1 by Kevin Hardman

(3.5) (YA, Adult) A space marine adventure.

Reviewed 1st August 2022

Branches: A Novel of Other Timelines by Adam Peter Johnson

(3) (Adult) A Multiverse, alternate reality with a pill.

Reviewed 4th February 2022

Pieces of Eight (The Guardian Of Empire City) by Peter Hartog

(5) (Adult) Dystopian detective story with future tech, magic and a bit of paranormal(ish) activity.

Reviewed 24th January 2022

Ten Sigma: A Military Science Fiction Adventure by A. W. Wang

(4) (Adult) Add a sprinkle of the Matrix, a dash of Hunger Games and a can of whoop-ass. Bloody, brutal and thoroughly engaging.

Reviewed 11th December 2021

Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep by Philip K Dick

(4) The book that inspired Bladerunner. A hauntingly eloquent, saturnine future world story.

Reviewed 13 September 2021

Bloodlines (The Guardian of Empire City) by Peter Hartog

(5) Fantastic future world detective story.

Reviewed on 19 July 2021

Into The Breach by Halo Scot

(5) (Adult) A brutal, visceral grimdark horror.

Reviewed on 4 June 2021

A Girl Called Ari by P.J. Sky

(4) (YA & Adult) Post-apocalyptic adventure set in Oz.

Reviewed 4 April 2021

The Many-Coloured Land by Julien May

(5) A blend of scif-fi fantasy from a master storyteller. A classic.

Reviewed 21 February 2021

Escape Reality by Kayla Frost

(5) (Adult) A gloriously dark sci-fi read.

Reviewed 23 January 2021

Red Gambit (The Harvester Series Book One) by Luke Mitchell

(4) Apocalyptic sci-fi with alien vampires magic and hi-tech.

Reviewed 24 November 2020

Shadow City by Anna Modikat

(2.5) Post-apocalyptic sci-fi/fantasy with demons and vampires.

Reviewed 17 November 2020

Deadbreak: A Zombie Apocalypse by Jorge Sanchez

(4.5) Fun. Jack Reacher meets the walking dead kind of fun.

Reviewed 16 October 2020

Earth Alone by Daniel Arenson

(3) Full-metal jacket with Aliens.

Reviewed 8 October 2020

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