Urakakule Lore

  • Varis’tuk – God of war.
  • Tortak – God of feasts.
  • Muruin – God of fate.
  • Ampor-tak – God of luck.
  • Nos’varq – God of death

Nos’varq’s Gate – The death gate. Only urakakule deemed honourable and worthy may pass through it to the halls beyond

Halls of Varis’tuk – where urak that pass the death gate reside. They place a light in the night sky, the strength of which is based on where they sit at the side of Varis’tuk. It is claimed by the shamans that once enough urakakule have ascended that there will be no more night. No more darkness.

The Never – An endlessness where the dishonoured are left to wander until their shame has been purged, whereby they may be reborn for another chance at life and eternity with the gods.

The Long Walk – Urak who grow old and frail and can no longer provide for themselves or the tribe are said to take ‘The Long Walk’ whereby they go out into the wilderness alone and perish, their spirit departed for Nos’varq’s Gate (the death gate) for judgement. Traditionally this is done in ‘the bite’ (winter).

The Moon and Sun
  • Marq-suk – The life-giver. The sun.
  • The Three Eyes – The Tri-moons – created by the gods to watch over and observe the urakule in the darkness.
  • Jud’pur’tak – The largest of the Tri-moons
  • Naris-Krol – The Blood moon or killing moon
  • Waq’dur’ruh – The wanderer, smallest of the tri-moons

The Seasons

  • The Return – Spring
  • The Green – Summer
  • The Wane – Autumn
  • The Bite – Winter

White Hand Clan Tribes

One of the Five Clans

  • Mauturntak – Mar-Dur tribal chieftain and current Clan War Leader
  • Toreen – Narpik-Dur tribal chieftain.
  • Bortaug – Baq-Dur tribal chieftain.
  • Suawamih – Naris-Dur tribal chieftain. (Deceased)
Red Skull Clan Tribes

One of the Five Clans

  • Sartantak– Krol tribal chieftain and current Clan War Leader.
  • Manawarih – Karth-Dur tribal chieftain.
  • Muritoome – Jekis-Dol tribal chieftain

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