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This is a very brief overview of urakakule (urak) taken from my handwritten notes that frankly I just haven’t had time to update in any great detail. I have included it for anyone that might be interested but just bare in mind – it is a bit basic.

Urakakule Lore

  • Varis’tuk – God of war.
  • Tortak – God of feasts.
  • Muruin – God of fate.
  • Ampor-tak – God of luck.
  • Nos’varq – God of death

Nos’varq’s Gate – The death gate. Only urakakule deemed honourable and worthy may pass through it to the halls beyond

Halls of Varis’tuk – where urak that pass the death gate reside. They place a light in the night sky, the strength of which is based on where they sit at the side of Varis’tuk. It is claimed by the shamans that once enough urakakule have ascended that there will be no more night. No more darkness.

The Never – An endlessness where the spirits of the dishonoured dead are left to wander until their shame has been purged, whereby they may be reborn for another chance at life and eternity with the gods.

The Long Walk – Urak who grow old and frail and can no longer provide for themselves or the tribe are said to take ‘The Long Walk’ whereby they go out into the wilderness alone and perish, their spirit departed for Nos’varq’s Gate (the death gate) for judgement. Traditionally this is done in ‘the bite’ (winter).

The Moon and Sun
  • Marq-suk – The life-giver. The sun.
  • The Three Eyes – The Tri-moons – created by the gods to watch over and observe the urakule in the darkness.
  • Jud’pur’tak – The largest of the Tri-moons
  • Naris-Krol – The Blood moon or killing moon
  • Waq’dur’ruh – The wanderer, smallest of the tri-moons

The Seasons

  • The Return – Spring
  • The Green – Summer
  • The Wane – Autumn
  • The Bite – Winter

White Hand Clan Tribes

One of the Five Clans

  • Mauturntak – Mar-Dur tribal chieftain and current Clan War Leader
  • Toreen – Narpik-Dur tribal chieftain.
  • Bortaug – Baq-Dur tribal chieftain.
  • Suawamih – Naris-Dur tribal chieftain. (Deceased)
Red Skull Clan Tribes

One of the Five Clans

  • Sartantak– Krol tribal chieftain and current Clan War Leader.
  • Manawarih – Karth-Dur tribal chieftain.
  • Muritoome – Jekis-Dol tribal chieftain
Urak Glossary

Chala – An adolescent urak

Feast of Passing – A festival celebrating the passing of old life to new. Death to Rebirth. Winter to Spring or The Bite to the Return. It is also when Chala take their trial to become adult and warriors become named.

Named – An urak chala that takes the warrior trials become named as spoken by the gods and voiced by the Shamans. It usually is associated with a beast or bird of prey but not always. Named warriors gain a voice in tribal council and all have a say. Only a Named can challenge to become tribal chieftain. It should be noted that a chala that fails in their trial is expelled from the tribe to wander alone. Other tribes may give them sanctuary but they will never be warriors, never be Named. Most that fail die in the attempt rather than face this dishonour.

Tukh – a hawk

Tuk – an eagle

Warl – A wolf

Warg – A giant wolf – an apex hunter in the mountains and highlands of the Norde-Targkish

Qu’ri – a spirit amalgam of two different beasts and crafted by the gods

Blaa-den’wort – Knotwort a hardy fungus that grows on wood in cold climates

Chuk – A large white furred mountain bear an apex hunter in the mountains and highlands of the Norde-Targkish

Carvathe – wild horses

Rigut – A large type of rabbit that can be found everywhere in the Norde-Targkish

Gark – a large hairy goat. Domesticated gark are used for meat, fur and their milk.

Daer – deer which can be found everywhere in the Norde-Targkish

Garkis milk – fermented goats milk that is very alcoholic.

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