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A D Green

15th October 2019 – Rivers Run Red, Book One of the Morhudrim Cycle.

In the Nine Kingdoms, lords and churches dance to a song of war and murder.

But unknown to the players, the song is changing. The Tainted One has returned; harbinger of a cycle of destruction as old as humankind itself. A kingdom is on the verge of collapse; humankind is on the fringes of annihilation – but the lords and ladies, the holy men and the apostates, the great and the small; all just keep spinning with the music.

Nihm is a young woman, living peacefully on the edges of the wilds. But as the hordes descend upon the Nine Kingdoms she finds herself at the forefront of a race for survival. Where truths will be revealed and her world will change, challenging who and what she is.

Renco is a mute, raised by an outcast from an Ancient Order. His master hones his mind and body to a fine edge. But to what purpose?    

Join an epic fantasy and follow Nihm and Renco as their journey unfolds. Can two people really change the fate of a world?  


15th October 2020 – Shadows Fall, Book Two of the Morhudrim Cycle.

As urak hordes ravage the Rivers and push into the Norderlands, the Nine Kingdoms are slow to respond. The Red Church pursues its own agenda, the Magi keep their own council and the High King is caught up in the Game of Lords as many look for opportunity in the turmoil.

In the North, Nihm is trying to come to terms with the losses she has suffered and struggling to understand what she has become. Trapped and surrounded by enemies, trust in a stranger might be her only salvation.

Running ahead of the invading urak, Renco is lost. Prisoner to a Red Priest, a man he loathes and fears above all others, he becomes a pawn in a greater game.

Meanwhile, in Kingsholme far to the south, Tomas ‘The Mouse’ embarks on a commission to steal two artefacts from the Enclave, home of the Magi, little knowing that the path it sets him on will change his life forever, in ways he could never imagine.

And beneath the turmoil, hidden in the shadows, lies the Morhudrim. Its influence growing ever stronger as its malevolent tendrils reach out across an unsuspecting land.


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