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All ratings are out of 5 – I generally never review lower than 3 because if a book is lower than 3 then I did not finish it (life is too short to read a book I do not enjoy. Consequently I do not review although I may still leave a rating). Reviews are posted on Goodreads and Amazon.

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Review categories are Fantasy, Science Fiction and All Other Genres.

All Other Genres

And Then We Vanish by D H Schleicher

(3.5) (Adult) A well crafted but ultimately left wanting more.

Reviewed 5th September 2022

The Condom and Other Stories by Peter Chika

(4) (Adult) Short story collection from an African perspective. Thought provoking and engaging.

Reviewed 29th May 2022

Everlong by R Raeta

(5) (YA & Adult) Paranormal Romance. A captivating and wondrously told story I almost didn’t read. Seriously, take a look at my review and give it a read!

The Eros Project by Helen E Slater

(3) (Adult) Techno Romance Thriller.

Reviewed 19 March 2021

TARO: Legendary Boy Hero of Japan by Blue Spruell

(4) (YA & Adult) Folk tale set in feudal Japan.

Reviewed 3 March 2021

Secrets My Mothers Kept by Rebecca Tucker

(5) (Adult) A mistake brings a secret from her past into the light.

Reviewed 8 January 2021

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