The Eros Project by Helen E Slater

3 Stars Scifi/Techno Romance Thriller  

This book was the #indiebookclub read for March. I love Science Fiction and Fantasy and the premise of this book was intriguing enough that I looked forward to it.

Unfortunately, it did not quite match my expectations and the storytelling was not to my taste. I felt the author spent to much time on the mundane, descriptive narrative of everything, from getting up, showering, brushing their teeth, drinking coffee to getting in the car.

The story had promise and at times was a real page-turner, it just was not sustained. I didn’t buy it either. This completely rounded person, the hash the state made of things from the getgo just didn’t add up for me which is a shame because it could have.

The emotion…oh my gosh there was a lot of emotion, from everyone. It was well written but there were angst and tears not just from Rebecca our protagonist but everyone. The guys were all touchy-feely, a lot of impromptu hugging and new-age in touch with themselves that at times just felt two-dimensional. Some readers no doubt will love all this but it wasn’t my cup of tea. To me, this felt like a romance dressed as a techno-thriller.

However, there is no denying that Helen E Slater can write. There were a few typos but nothing to detract too much from the story and the conversations, and narrative were good between the players. So I think some readers will like this story and I suggest taking a ‘Look Inside’ if it appeals.      

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