A D Green’s End of Year Review 2022

Hello everyone,

I hope you have all had a joyous and wonderful festive holiday where you have eaten too much, drunk just enough and most importantly spent time with the people you love. I hope you all got a book you wanted and a quiet space to read it.

I would also like to wish you a happy New Year. Let’s hope 2023 is better than 2022 which, let’s face it, was a bit of a stinker. Yes COVID restrictions all but ended, though it is still about and we still need to have it in our minds, and that saw a return to a new normal, one which has seen war in Europe again driving oil and gas prices up and triggering high inflation and rising costs of living at a time when we have barely had breath to get over the previous two years of hurt.

Okay – I admit that is not the cheeriest opening to a newsletter. Sorry for that but stick around it gets cheerier.

To Happier Things

As you may know (if you read my website news) I have finished the first draft of book three Darkness Resides and it is currently being edited. I hope to have it to my beta readers by spring and ready for release later in 2023. I would like to thank you all for the support I have received, the encouragement, reviews and feedback. It all means a lot to me ‘tips hat’.

There is still one slot open for a beta reader spot, so if you are interested in filling it and being part of this journey (I know so cliché but did it work?) please message me.

My Book Of The Year

This year I have read 20 books and reviewed most of them including epic fantasy, sci-fi,  paranormal romance, dystopian detective, alternate history, short story compilations and new for me LitRPG.

As ever, if any books mentioned below grab your interest and you want to read more – click on the book title in Blue and read my review then click the link in the review if you want to go to Amazon and I don’t know, maybe buy it? It’s your call.

This year has proven to be especially challenging in picking a book of the year, honestly, I could play around with several contenders and be happy with my choice but, in the words of the Kurgan in Highlander, ‘There Can Be Only One’.

So onwards, firstly to the winner of my book of the year followed afterwards by the contenders and honourable mentions….‘drum rooolllllll’ please.

The winner 2022 Book of the year is

The Song of the First Blade: The Bladeborn Saga by T. C. Edge

(5/5 Rated) (Adult) Epic Fantasy wonderfully told. A new favourite author to add to my list and he is right up there with some of the best and he’s an Indie! Awesome, if you like fantasy just get it.

Honourable Mentions in no particular order.

He Who Fights with Monsters Book One by Shirtaloon

(5/5 Rated) (YA, Adult) A LitRPG Novel. A decadent and supremely enjoyable read and it all starts with a naked Aussie in a hedge maze. What’s not to love!

Dungeon Lord – A LitRPG Books 1 -3 by Hugo Huesca

(5/5 Rated) (Adult) Okay I’m on a roll with LitRPG but I will be moving back to more traditional fantasy next. But… what a book to finish on. A really fun read bringing back my Dungeon Keeper vibe!

Dangerous To Know by K. T. Davies

(5/5 Rated) (Adult) Half-human, half-lizard, Breed is chased by a dragon, hunted by assassins, and bound to serve a demon. A First-person POV Grimdark tale.

Pieces of Eight (The Guardian Of Empire City) by Peter Hartog

(5/5 Rated) (Adult) Dystopian detective story with future tech, magic and a bit of paranormal(ish) activity.

Nature’s Wrath (A Prelude of Light Book 2) by Morten W Simonsen

(4.5/5 Rated) (Adult) Book Two. If you like your fantasy dirty, gritty and realistic then I recommend this series. Book One was great and Book Two is even better.

Fire’s Heart (book 3 of The FireNight Prophecies) by Darren Boeck

(4.5/5 Rated) (YA) Book Three. An Engrossing young adult fantasy in a unique and interesting world.

Everlong by R Raeta

(5/5 Rated) (YA & Adult) Paranormal Romance. A captivating and wondrously told story I almost didn’t read. This is not my usual genre but seriously, it was a journey I enjoyed very much.

Congratulations to T.C Edge I am still captivated midway through book three of his Bladeborn Saga and I recommend not just this series but all of the books mentioned above.

Finally, if you made it this far well done. I look forward to pinging more book news and reviews your way in 2023. Please feel free to get in touch any time if you have anything you want to ask me or give feedback or even if you have book recommendations of your own you would like to offer. I even post guest reviews occasionally if that interests you.

For now – all the best

Kindest Regards

A D Green

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