A.D. Green’s Fantasy Newsletter March 2022

It has been a while since my last newsletter. Christmas in fact and this one is a little different than my previous efforts. I haven’t forgotten you in that time, far from it but work phoned and I had to do some. I have also been beavering away (and still do) on the final chapters of Darkness Resides. It is a little chunkier than Books 1 & 2 (Not by design but it is where the story goes and it is done when it is done).

So what is happening….

Kindle Countdown Deal until 30 March 2022

Books 1 & 2 of the Morhudrim Cycle are in a Kindle Deal for the UK and US markets. Pick up Rivers Run Red and Darkness Resides for only 0.99 each. Tell your friends.

For those outside those markets I am deeply sorry – Amazon restrict my Kindle Countdown Deals to just those two markets. If I do a free promo sometime (unlikely in the near future cause I like coffee and free stuff doesn’t buy me a cup!) I will let you all know.

Rivers Run Red – Book One of The Morhudrim Cycle. Available in the US and UK for only 0.99

It’s where the adventure all started. If you’ve read it and enjoyed it then spread the word. Your support as ever means everything to me. Well not everything, I mean everything is a lot and I would not trade my first born or give you my house but in a purely emotional, extravagant kind of way it means much.

Shadows Fall – Book Two of The Morhudrim Cycle. Available in the US and UK for only 0.99

The adventure continues. Okay, I admit it was looking a tad grim at the end of book one for pretty much everyone concerned but I’m sure things will turn to sunshine and flowers in the second book, won’t it?? Although the prologue and first two chapters might paint a different picture. Still, as the song goes ‘Things can only get better’

In Other News

Yep, I got covid. Dodged it for 2 years then one family gathering and it has rinsed through my nearest and dearest like a wild-fire. For me it feels like a cold. Congested, blocked nose, cough, woolly head and a general lack of energy….well more so than my usual lack.

Book 3 Darkness Resides I am just bringing the final chapters together. Then I will need to go back and add one or two. Then (cheer) a read through and tweak before off to the editor and I get to look at cover design and starting book four Chaos Reigns (Did I mention there are five books planned? The last is titled The Light That Was Lost – pretty cool huh!)

Anyway that’s it for this short newsletter. You will have received any reviews I have posted but if you want to know the latest info about my books then please check out my website – I sometimes update it! I will be adding new/updated maps as well soonish.

That’s it. Take care everyone, have a happy Easter for those that celebrate it. Let’s hope in my next newsletter the world is not so crazy and our Ukraine brothers and sisters know peace once more.

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