Myths, Legends, & Dreams A Worldsmyths Anthology

3/5 Star Some great new authors to discover

I will start right off and say that I am not a massive fan of anthologies. It’s a taste thing or maybe I have been living in Yorkshire too long! If I go for a five-course meal (which I never do by the way – but if!) then I would like to enjoy all of it. Not just the starter and dessert course. With an anthology,  I usually find 3 or 4 stories that grip me, 3 or 4 that are okay and 3 or 4 that didn’t stay with me past the reading. This Anthology I’m afraid was no different and at £4.36 it is more than I would expect to pay for what was a book for authors to showcase their wares.

I realise that might sound harsh, maybe it is because there were a couple of five-star performers. I will say the writing quality was pretty good generally. There were some mistakes and typos that slipped through the edit on some stories but not enough to detract. Others that had too much descriptive narrative that did detract, some people might like that poetic over description – for me, it didn’t add to the story.

Some of the tales told were unique and will stay with me (no higher praise than that!) which I loved and some were quirky and humorous (which I also loved). For that alone, I would nominally assign a 4 star for this book. However, I took a star off because I simply felt that there were a few of the stories that, whilst well written and of great quality, did not feel like short stories but leaders to a wider story/book. If any of the authors read this and think I am referring to them, then I am and if my feeling is wrong and they are shorts then they didn’t feel satisfyingly complete – take your pick. A shame because at least two of those stories I am referring to were engaging and I wanted to read more. So staying with my food analogies they were a course that tasted delicious but there was not enough on the plate.

For me, the takeaway is that there were several standout stories from authors I never knew but now do. The thing with an anthology I guess is that others will read it and get a different experience and find authors that they resonant with more depending on reading style and taste. I would suggest using Amazon’s wonderful previewer and take a “Look Inside.” The first story will give you a taste of what is in store.

Sorry for all the food analogies – at the time of review I hadn’t eaten yet.

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