Talented Found by PW Browning

YA Fantasy on the high sea 3/5 stars

This was enjoyable and reads like a YA Fantasy from the tone, fast pacing and quick narrative. I would think any young teenager who likes fantasy would engage well with this book. The characters are distinctive and engaging.

That is not to say there are not some issues. It could do with another proofread. There are a few grammatical issues that can detract from the story and for me, there was a lack of depth to the characters due possibly to the fast pacing of the story and style of writing.

I was also not convinced by some of the ‘events’ which seemed illogical and unreasonable or were just a little too contrived. Again this could be put down to the fast story-telling style and some of the more fantastical elements could be put down to that and the YA vibe.

For me, the second half of the book was more compelling and had a suitable ‘to be continued ending’. This is the first book written by PW Browning and the second in the series ‘Talented Taught’ has been released and is now available.

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