A D Green’s Fantasy Newsletter June 2022

Hello everyone, it’s been a while and I hope this finds you well. I could almost copy and paste the opening of my last newsletter because it is as relevant an excuse now as it was back then….but that would be highly unprofessional of me!

So what has been happening?

Writing has been slower than I would like but is picking up momentum again thankfully. I am literally down to the last few chapters on Book Three Darkness Resides, tying up some story arcs among other things. I am pleased with how it is going but as ever it will need to go through the editorial wringer once I am done and then out to my beta readers. It might be a year later than I anticipated or expected but I hope to have the book released this year.

By the way, I have one or two spots open still for beta readers for book 3. Take a look at the homepage of my website http://adgreenauthor.com for more information.  

Check out my website for updates to maps, book news, reviews and other stuff.

Kindle Countdown Deal until 20th– 27th June

Books 1 & 2 of the Morhudrim Cycle are in a Kindle Deal for the UK and US markets. Pick up Rivers Run Red and Darkness Resides for only 0.99 each. Tell your friends.

For those outside those markets, I am deeply sorry – Amazon restricts my Kindle Countdown Deals to just those two markets. If I do a free promo sometime (unlikely in the near future cause I like coffee and free stuff doesn’t buy me a cup!) I will let you all know.

Book Reviews

I will not belabour this too much since you will have already received my blogged reviews in your email. However, here is a recap of books I have read, some of which I have yet to post reviews on.

I have had a bit of a splurge on Fantasy LitRPG the last few months but I have about hit the ceiling on that genre for now. Too much chocolate and I need to come done! It all started very promisingly with the ‘He Who Fight’s Monsters’ series which I very much enjoyed. My subsequent dabble though in this sub-genre has been rather more hit and miss.

In my upcoming reads, I hope to include a classic SciFi and move into some more traditional fantasy and science fiction.

Books I have read since March

Everlong by R Raeta (5/5) Paranormal Romance. Reviewed 24th April

The Condom and Other Stories by Peter Chika (4/5) Short story collection. Reviewed 29th May

He Who Fights With Monsters Book One by Shirtaloon (5/5) A LitRPG. Reviewed 6th May

He Who Fights With Monsters Book Two to Five by Shirtaloon (5/5) A LitRPG. Not reviewed and I don’t plan on it since if book one’s review said it all and if that didn’t sway you then nothing else will.

The Plainswalker by M A Rothman (3/5) Another LitRPG reviewed 10th June.

The Primal Hunter by Zogarth (3.5 maybe 4) is a massive LitRPG rated over 3000 times on Amazon for 4.6/5 average rating. I did not rank it so highly. It seemed very Hollywood blockbuster, action ramping up more and more but I felt it was very trope and the characters were rather caricatured and two-dimensional. It was a long read as well and between the action there were pages of exposition on alchemy and what skills to chose from that frankly just dragged. I found myself skipping through pages and pages of the stuff. My review is to follow in the coming weeks.

Barrow King: The Realms Book 1 by C M Carney (4) another LitRPG – Yeah, yeah, okay I know – another LitRPG but this is it… for a while. I am moving on for a bit after this. My review is to follow in the coming weeks.

Until The Next One

Rather an impressive number of books to have read (for me). I have taken to reading more on a night rather than netflix’ing and hanging out on my computer. It’s good to change things up and I have had a lot of fun reading these past months.

For anyone interested my daily writing regimen (when I am not working for a living) is usually review editing for 30-60 minutes of my current chapter then writing for 3 hours. On an evening I might do a bit on Facebook and Twitter for my books but not as much as I use to because it gets little traction, I alos have a bunch of Amazon ads to manage. I would like to do more hours of the former but I have real-life commitments (family/dog you know real things as opposed to imaginary!) but I am grateful I get as much time as I do.

Well with all the crazy stuff going on in the world. The war in Ukraine, the rising cost of living, inflation, interest rates rising, China flexing its economic and territorial muscle oh and I just heard the Auckland Blues lost in the final of the Super Rugby Championship to the Crusaders I recommend you all read a book. Not necessarily mine, but just something that can transport you away from all these troubles – just for a little while.

Until the next one. Stay safe and keep well

A D Green

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