A D Green’s Fantasy Newsletter February 2023

Hello everyone,

Well, here we are, Feb 2023 already and the holiday season is a memory for us all, hopefully, a happy one.  2023 has not had the most auspicious of starts; the war in Ukraine is still raging and the terrible earthquakes in Turkey and Syria bringing such devastation and for many of us a cost of living crisis.

But, you’ll be pleased to know I am not here to pass social commentary on world events. More to distract you, at least for a little while, with something more whimsical and fantastical, namely what I’ve been reading and recommend as an escape from the mundanities of our world and also to update you on where I am at with my writing and MOST ECITINGLY (for me) give you my readers and subscribers the very first chance to see the new book cover for Rivers Run Red.

And, here it is…

I hope you like it as much as I do. It feels darker than my archer cover which I felt had too much of a YA vibe, something my books are not. I’m hoping this conveys a better idea of what is inside and will entice new readers to try my story.

I would love to know what you all think, so please get in touch and let me know.

This new cover will be hitting Amazon everywhere in the next few days.

In Other News

I am hoping to release a hardback edition of Rivers Run Red very soon – if I can fix the pesky trim size! As with the paperback book, this will be available through Amazon worldwide, however, if you live in the UK and want a copy it is probably cheaper to order your book from yours truly by messaging me via the contact page on my website since I should be able to get it at print cost + postage etc.

Darkness Resides book three update – Spoke to my editor this morning and she says that she is near the back end of the first edit. Hopefully, once I have worked through the edits with her, I will be in a position to release a copy of the manuscript to my beta readers.

Speaking of beta readers, I have four at present and I’m looking for a hand, so there is one spot still open. If you would like to participate then please get in touch via the contact page on my website or email me at adgreenauthor@gmail.com  

Chaos Reigns book four update – Yep, still writing, I don’t pay attention to these things but to those who like to know I am over 40k words into book four. Over the years, since my first book Rivers Run Red, I have grown into my craft and honed my quill to a sharp point. I have learnt so much and have as a result refined my writing style and this story gets deeper, more intricate, bloodier and blunter and grimmer…

…a real journey. I hope you will stay with me until the end.   

Book Recommendations

You will have received my book reviews in your email of T C Edge’s wonderful Bladeborn Saga and most recently William Hannah’s The First Rule.  If you haven’t taken the time to read my reviews and you love Fantasy then please take the time and check both books out. The authors are really talented and well worth your time.

I have been busy with various projects these last few weeks but I hope to pick up a new book to read in a week or two. If there are any books you would like me to look at to review or recommend feel free to let me know    

That’s It…the end…finito…finished…until next time

A D Green

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