November In Review

December is here and Christmas is almost here. It looks like it will be a different kind of Christmas for us all but with Covid-19 vaccines on the horizon hopefully next year will see us return to a more normal routine, whilst maybe retaining some of the better things we learned about each other and the importance of family. I digress…this is not meant to be a life observation but a review of November so here goes.

November was a busy month and a good month for me. I have of course been busy writing book three of the Morhudrim Cycle – Darkness Resides and progress has been steady.

I also received my first not so good review on Amazon – a two star for Rivers Run Red. My initial reaction was Eck!! and whilst the reviewer did not say much other than critiquing my grammar skills it did force me to go back and look again at both Rivers Run Red and Shadows Fall and run a more stringent grammar check on them. So actually while it was disappointing to get a 2 star review, ultimately it proved a useful one that made me look at my work.

As a consequence I have just done a 4 day deep clean edit of both book’s one and two of The Morhudrim Cycle to correct a whole bunch of grammatical errors I somehow managed to miss in the first 6 or so edits! I am not saying a got them all but to my shame I nailed alot more of those embarrassing little suckers than I expected. There should now, no longer be any of those little distractions of ‘to’ when it should have been ‘too’ and pluralising with apostrophes and so on. If you have downloaded the eBooks you can download them again to these ‘cleaner’ copies if you want. If you brought the paperbacks….erm hold on to them – they might be collector’s editions in a few years time 😁

In November I reviewed 3 other Indie books all of which can be found on my blog.

Red Gambit (4/5 stars) by Luke Mitchell – a post apocalyptic Sci-Fi with magic that was great fun and so easy to read and is my book of the month.

Shadow City (2.5/5 stars) by Anna Modikat – a post apocalyptic fantasy that was an enjoyable read but was not without a few issues.

The Jealousy of Jalice (4/5 Stars) by Jesse Nolan Bailey – A Dark Fantasy that was well written but that was perhaps the toughest read for me – with characters I was not that invested in. Despite this it was beautifully written and for lovers of Dark fantasy is recommended.

Stay safe and have a great Christmas everybody.

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