Merry Christmas

Festive greetings everyone,

There is no denying that it has been a very strange year and it has been challenging for many people. Still, Christmas is upon us and the year is almost done and we have somehow all made it.

2021 promises a brighter time although it will still be difficult until the Covid vaccines are on wide distribution and life can return to whatever the new normal may be. For me, December has been strange. I have re-released updated versions of Rivers Run Red and Shadows Fall and so have had little time to devote to book three Darkness Resides. I will be back to it soon.

If you love fantasy and have not read my books please give them a try – and in the words of Dawn French “A book is the easiest present to wrap”

If you have read them but not left a review or even just a rating at Amazon/Goodreads I would appreciate the support. Stay safe this Christmas everyone and have a fantastic time with your families.

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